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Solar Power Experts LogoSolar Power Experts is passionate about green technology and would like to see every home and business use environmentally friendly solutions.

Partnering with us means that our customers benefit from professional solar engineering services and products; developed and recommended by our team of experts, to meet our customers’ specialised needs.

We provide our customers with solar solutions that benefit their environment while showing a return on investment. We pride ourselves in providing quality products and flawless installations, giving our customers a smooth transition to solar.

Solar Power Experts is part of the Exousia group of companies that has been operational since 2006.

Vision Statement

Be a world-wide respected green technology partner that empowers individuals and businesses to realize their vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly and more reliable energy supply.

Mission Statement

We empower our customers with solutions that will benefit them in the long run; whether partial or complete power solutions, we strive to encapsulate the customer’s business requirements and provide a solution that will assist in accomplishing the customer’s goal and show a return on investment.

Power Your Home with Solar Power Experts

Power Your Home with Solar Power Experts

Solar Power Experts

Solar power has become more affordable and prevalent in South Africa. Contact us and find out how we can help you keep the power on.


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©Copyright Solar Power Experts. All Rights Reserved.

©Copyright Solar Power Experts. All Rights Reserved.